Sunday, September 14, 2008


Money is a touchy subject to get into because the world revolves around it. I understand that people want to have money to get the things they want but realize that the new things people get today will be considered USED by tomorrow. By then,  some people would want something newer within 3 months or so. That's a WASTE of money and a never-ending circle of bad habit. It makes the person look egotistical because of their wants.

People should spend it on something that can make people happy. Make your friends happy. It's more fun that way and think about with money, how much plans with a friend someone can make.
There's also the kind of people that puts off what they really wanted for so long for something so cool that they just saw. That's a bad idea because not only are they  getting caught up in the moment, but they might not spot the item's downside until they spend their hard-earned cash for it.

In the end, money doesn't make a person entirely happy and the only way spend money wisely, is to think wisely.

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